An Examination of Academic Studies Covering Israel Palestine Conflict Over its Reflections Through Media


The media plays an important role in during the periods of wars and conflicts. The media ensures public knowledge of the events by carrying the messages to the masses in these periods. The contents of media messages usually cause the public to develop certain views and feeings about the war and the conflict. The long-term and still ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine today are still among the most long-lasting conflicts. Events and representations regarding this conflict are also reflected in the contents of various media. The mentioned conflict has became subject to a remarkable number of academic studies. This paper examines academic studies covering Israeli-Palestine conflict through its reflections on various media. Within this context, a total number of 50 academic studies were analyzed. Of these studies, 25 were about newspapers, 16 were about television, 6 were about both television and newspapers, 2 were about movies and 1 was about magazines. The contents of these studies were examined in terms of the most focused issues, types of mass media, ideological and their emerging results.