Islamic New Media Ethics


All the ways treaded into the twentieth century depicts people received most of the information by word of mouth, mails, or print media in a globalizing world. Today, bear in mind, technological expansion in communication traditions and endurance raced and distorted the variance vis-à-vis information amidst sender and receiver – new media. Information streams are now wide-ranging, varied, flexible and accessible, under circumstances; the principles of conversation always unclear to focus as a focal point of effective communication. Particularly, the purpose of the study is to determine the ethics of new media in relation to Islamic fundamental by put the focal point on concepts of ethics in both Eastern (Islam) and Western fundamental; identify the issues of ethical in new media and explanation from Islamic fundamental; and suggestions to address Islamic ethical guidelines on utilization of new media. Harnessing library research, correspondingly, this essay scrutinizes the notion of ethics in substratum of Islamic fundamental in consort with Western fundamental respectively. The evidence will be strengthening by means to uphold the noble Quran as well as Hadith of the Prophet (peace be upon him). This study tender of that major ethical issues such as privacy, digital intellectual property (IP) and information security becomes champion in addressing globalized new media. This paper proclaims of that ethics in relation to new media should be vision from the Islamic over and above the Western lens. In the long run, this paper invites of that the new media users to be mindful on the addressee’s understanding in stimulating of the entire Muslims world.