Designing a Model of Acceptance New Media Technologies (Media Convergence Emphasis (


This research methodology is applied research(descriptive) and data collection methods implemented with mix method (qualitative and quantitative),at first stage, researcher reviewed a literature in media technology transfer to identification effective components and indicators, at qualitative part of the research, Selected 10 media industry experts to interviewed for identify effective indicators, in quantitative research part, researcher made questionnaire was distributed in the statistical sample of 300 responder from the population of the study and 285 questionnaires were returned. After analyzing, questionnaire responses with Spss software, Cronbach's alpha coefficient (reliability) was obtained α=0.881 and finally using structural equation modeling (SEM), to designing a model of acceptance new media technologies, evaluation of the model show an absolute fit index (root mean square error 0.094 and chi-square 0.00), Incremental Fitness index of 0.886 and Frugal Fitness index 3.48, which indicates the acceptability.