Digitalization of the Book Publishing Industry. A Study on the E-Book Publishing in Turkey


Developments in information and communication technologies have led to significant changes all over the world. With the digitalization process information has begun to turn from analogue to digital media, in the meantime global book publishing industry has taken steps from print publishing into electronic publishing. With the emergence of electronic book, book publishing sector started to gain a different meaning and has gained the characteristics of being a brand-new industry. The aim of the research is giving support to improve e-book publishing sector in Turkey detecting current issues and providing information to create solutions. Making a detailed literature survey the research, firstly, investigates and compares the development of the e-book publishing industry in Turkey and in the world through the process of digitalization. And secondly, using qualitative and quantitative research methods it has been questioning the issues of the digitalization of the publishing sector in Turkey and conducting the preferences of the Turkish readers on e-books.