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This paper aims to present the selection of news in the international reporting of the daily newspapers from Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia in a distance of three decades. We begin this study by using the method of quantitative content analysis. Results give concrete number of articles, photographs and other content published in foreign policy sections of the newspapers Nova Makedonija, Vecer, Delo and Politika. The data analyzed was gathered over a four month period, from the years 2013, 1989 and 1983. Analysis demonstrates significant drop of the number of media content for international events printed in 2013, a period during which are also allocated fewer pages to foreign policy sections. With the exception of the Serbian newspaper Politika, international events in the printed editions are usually published after those media content dedicated to internal political issues and economic topics from Macedonia and Slovenia. This empirical research proves that international reporting in the Macedonian, Slovenian and Serbian newspapers is experiencing a serious decline today without any prospect of improving the current situation in the next period.